Penang Aquarium Batu Maung

Location: Penang

Location Info

Address: Batu Maung Penang, Malaysia

District » Batu Maung


It is located in the southeast tip of Penang Island, Batu Maung, Penang, Malaysia. It is situated right within the Fisheries Research Institute complex. The Penang Aquarium Batu Maung is located near to the Penang International Airport in Bayan Lepas. You can reach the aquarium by the coastal highway.


The aquarium has a total of 25 tanks to showcase the large variety of marine life such as surgeon fish, lion fish, blue spotted stingrays and damsels just to name a few. The main attraction of the aquarium is the large tank with the measurement of 15ft by 10ft in one of the room. The room is like a big theatre showcasing big fishes including snappers, huge green turtle, tudung periuk and nyior nyior. Apart from fishes, there are also a display of different types of corals and sea anemones. There are two large ponds in the aquarium which filled with a big school of sprightly koi or carps. Visitors can feed the koi with fish food that is available there for only RM1. Visitors can too, feed the turtles in one of the ponds. Besides, there is a souvenir shop there where you can purchase t-shirts, key chain and etc. The aquarium is opened daily except Wednesdays.

There are quite a few nearby attractions where you should pay a visit. One of them is the Snake Temple. The Snake Temple is one of its kinds. The temple features many poisonous snakes coiling around the pillar and plants in the temple. For all brave hearted people, you can even take an up close picture with the large snakes in the temple under the guidance of professional there. If you are looking for a place to relax your mind, do get to the nearby island with the name of Jerejak Island (Pulau Jerejak). It is a great getaway from the hustle of Georgetown. Jerejak Island is well known with its unique flora and fauna. It also acts as a habitat for eagles. There are tour packages which are filled with all kind of adventurous activities that get you near to the nature. The place recommended to be added on the list is Penang War Museum. The museum located near to the aquarium and it is a historical place. It was built by the British as fortress to protect from the invasion of Japanese but during the occupation of the Japanese, the place was turned into a place of tortures and interrogations. This place is definitely worth a visit to gain a unique experience that you never have before.

There are so many places that worth a go and so, spend a night or two in any hotels in Penang will be the best option to have a full travelling experience in Penang.


You can get to the Penang Aquarium Batu Maung by bus named Milan. The bus is yellow in color and only board up the bus numbered 69. You can also drive to the aquarium as there are clear and proper signage.