Jerejak Island

Location: Penang

Location Info

Address: Jerejak Island, Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia

District » Bayan Lepas


Jerejak Island or Pulau Jerejak is located in Bayan Lepas, off the south eastern tip of Penang Island. A short ferry ride from Bayan Lepas can get you to the island in no time. Jerejak Island is situated in between Penang Main lsland and Seberang Perai, surrounded by the water of South Channel.


Jerejak Island is not a develop island and so this island is capable in giving you the tranquility and serenity you desire of as the effect of the hustle and bustle of Penang Main Island. Jerejak Island gained its alias as The Alcatraz of Malaysia because of the prison on the island. It was known as a place for criminals, tuberculosis and leprosy patients back in the day. However, now, it is the island where people stop by to have a peace in mind. It is now well known for its unique flora and fauna as well as its rich history.

There are many activities that can be done there other than enjoying the breeze and nature breath. Outdoor, adventurous activities are what visitors fond of. These include rock climbing, mountain biking, flying fox, guided jungle trekking and many more. A resort named Jerejak Resort and Spa is built and soon it became one of the popular hotels in Penang. All the outdoor activities mentioned and also some water sports activities are arranged by the resort itself to suit the needs and requirements of their customers.

After the trip in Jerejak Island, take the ferry back to Penang Island. In Bayan Lepas, you can go to the biggest shopping mall in Penang Queensbay Mall. There are a Cineplex, arcade center and also a skater ring in the mall aside from clothes and gadgets from different outlets. A large variety of brands are featured in the mall from discounted and affordable items to high end luxurious items. Penang foods are available in the mall too. There are cafes that sell local Penang food. The vibrant taste of the food has the capability to tantalize and trigger your taste buds. Out of the mall, there is a scenic view of Penang Bridge and Jerejak Island.


From Penang International Airport, take a cab to the Jerejak Ferry Terminal. The ride takes up an estimated time of 20 minutes. Then, take the ferry ride to reach Jerejak Island. The ride takes up around 10 minutes with a cost of RM25 for adults and RM16 for children (round trip).