Penang War Museum

Location: Penang

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Address: Batu Maung Penang, Malaysia

District » Batu Maung


Penang War Museum is located in Batu Maung, Penang, Malaysia. It is situated around 16km south from Georgetown. It is built by the British as a military fortress dating back in the year of 1930's to protect from the invasion of the Japanese. It is situated on top of the Batu Maung Hill. The fortress was then used as the army base for the Japanese to perform interrogation and tortures.


Take a trip back time with a slow walk and experience what the locals did during World War II. This is a must visit tourist attraction where you will be awakened by the gruesome effects of war and gain your appreciation conscious. The Penang War Museum can be divided into many sections, including the logistic centre, canon firing bays, medical infirmary, just to name a few. As the museum is quite big, you need to spend at least 2 hours there to take a slow walk and explore the museum. There are signages everywhere indicating the way to go to see more of the artifacts.

There are some figures shown to exhibits the life in prison and sex slavery during the occupation of the Japanese. There is a place for execution too. The effects of bombing of the infrastructure are still to be seen now. What can I say, this is a place you should go to have a unique experience.There is a Snake Temple nearby. The snake temple is probably one of its own kinds in the world. There are poisonous snakes coiling around the pillars in the temple. Fret not, as it is said that the snakes there are friendly. One of the reasons the locals came up with is that the smoke of the lighted incense is what made them drowsy.

Besides making offerings and praying, one can also take picture with the snakes around with the guidance of professional. Want to get close to the nature in Penang? Do pay a visit at Jerejak Island (Pulau Jerejak). It is an islet located off Penang Island. It offers unique flora and fauna as well as a home for the White Bellied Sea Eagle. It is a great pit stop to have a rest from the hustle of the concrete jungle. Penang has a lot to offer and so spending a night or two in the hotels in Penang would be better in your trip.


From Port Weld, you can get to Batu Maung with Penang Yellow Bus numbered 69. If you are driving, take the Coastal Highway (Jelutong Expressway - Sungai Nibong Highway - Bayan Lepas Expressway) towards Batu Maung. Then, go straight for around 100m after the traffic light. There, you will see proper signage indicating the entrance of the War Museum. From the mainland, Butterworth, drive through Penang Bridge and straight to Batu Maung.