Snake Temple

Location: Penang

Location Info

Address: Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
Admission: FREE
Opening Hours: 06:00 hrs - 18:00 hrs

District » Bayan Lepas


The Snake Temple or the Temple of the Azure Cloud is one unique temple standing on Penang Island. It is located at Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, near to Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia. It is located at the south side of Georgetown, on the way to the Penang International Aiport.


The snake temple is probably one of its own kinds in the world. It was built in the year of 1850 in honor of a Buddhist monk who moved to Penang with a name of Chor Soo Kong. Legend has it that this monk is too, a healer. Apart from this snake temple, there are two more temples built in to honor Chor. They are the Chor Soo Kong Temple in Batu Maung and also Balik Pulau. There are many poisonous snakes coiling around the pillars or trees in the temple. However, visitors are not afraid to visit this very temple as the snakes are quite friendly it seems. Some say it is due to the smoke from the incese which made them drowsy. Besides visiting and praying in the temple, one can actually take picture with the snakes on their shoulder, of course, with the help of the keeper.

There are two shopping malls nearby. Bukit Jambul Complex is a shopping mall located in the Bukit Jambul area in Bayan Lepas. There are many interesting activities can be done in the mall itself such as karaoke, bowling and also to have fun in the amusement centre with arcade games. The next and also popular shopping mall nearby is the Queensbay Mall. This is the largest mall available in Penang. This mall is indeed the paradise for all shopaholics. It possesses 5 levels of retails. Besides fancy clothes and affordable gadgets, there are food court, cinema and more. Restaurants that offer delicious food are all over in the mall too, for example T.G.I Friday, Golden Triangle, Dome and etc.

Enough of shopping and get some fresh air, and so here it is Jerejak Island (Pulau Jerejak). The island is the ideal place to sit back and relax while having fun with outdoor activities. If you are planning to have a stay in Penang and go to all the places stated, there is many options when it comes to stay in the hotels in Penang. Thus, take your time in selecting the one you fancy the most.


From Penang International Airport, take the cab to the famous Snake Temple. The ride will take about 15minutes as the temple situated near to the airport.

From the Weld Quay Bus Terminal, take the Rapid Penang bus numbered 401 that goes to Balik Pulau, Press the bell when you are at the Snake Temple and hop off the bus.