Kapitan Keling Mosque

Location: Penang

Location Info

Address: Lebuh Acheh, Georgetown, Penang

District » Georgetown


Kapitan Keling Mosque is located at Lebuh Acheh,Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. It is situated on the corner of Lebuh Buckingham (Buckingham Street) and Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, formerly known as Pitt Street. It is located on the same row as two other popular attractions, namely Kuan Yin Teng Temple and St George's Church.


Kapitan Keling Mosque was the first mosque built in Penang. It is also the largest historic mosque standing on the ground of Penang. This mosque is named after the head of Indian Muslim community in the late 1700's. This mosque is used by the Muslims five times per day, seven days a week. During festival seasons such as Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Hari Raya Haji, as well as every other Fridays, the mosque is packed with crowds of Muslims, offering their prayers. There, you can appreciate and ready to be mesmerized by the beauty of the Indian Muslim's architecture. The visiting hours for the mosque is from 1pm to 5pm on Saturday to Thursday and on Friday, it is at 3pm to 5pm. The admission fee is free and there is a guided tour available running by the Islamic Propagation Society International.

Apart from this historic mosque, another historic building that worth a visit is the Fort Cornwallis. The Fort Cornwallis is the largest fort not only in Penang, but in the whole country of Malaysia. Amazingly, this fort has never been engaged to any battle before. There are a few cannons on the fort which act as decorations. Do get to the famous clan temple in Penang with the name of Khoo Kongsi. This clan temple has as fascinating architecture with amazing sculptures. It is too, considered as a historic site as it is standing there for more than 100 years. Nearby, there is a bed and breakfast cum museum named the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. It is considered as one interesting hotel in Penang. This mansion is popular as it is built according the principles of Feng Shui. You can either choose to have a stay or just a tour with an admission fee of RM12.00.

Finally, to end your tour in Penang, go to Gurney (Persiaran Gurney). There is Gurney Plaza shopping mall featuring all unique and high-end brands and Penang's souvenirs. The famous Gurney Drive is there too, with uncountable local delicacies waiting to be tasted by you.


From Penang International Airport, you can take the taxi to the Kapitan Keling Mosque. The drive will take an estimated time of 30 minutes. The alternate way to get to Georgetown is by Rapid Penang Bus. This is the most convenient public transport in Penang. Take the bus numbered 401 and you will reach Georgetown in no time. A trishaw ride to the mosque from Georgetown will be interesting with a negotiable price of RM1.50 per kilometer.