Butterworth Bird Park

Location: Penang

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Address: Taman Burung Seberang Jaya, Jalan Todak, Seberang Jaya, 13700 Penang, Malaysia

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The Butterworth Bird Park is also known as Penang Bird Park. It is located in the mainland portion of the state of Penang Taman Tunku, Seberang Jaya. It is situated around 7km away from Penang Bridge or the Butterworth ferry terminal across the river.


Butterworth Bird Park is the first bird park established in Malaysia. It is officiated by Malaysia's ex Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad. It is not only the first but it is the largest bird park in Malaysia. The 5 acres bird park preserves its tranquility with amazing landscaping and pretty lush garden. It showcases as much as 300 species of birds from every corner of the world and also from Malaysia itself, of course. Types of birds including hornbills, parrots and hawks are all can be seen in the huge park. There are a total of over 3000 birds in the bird park. There are also unique and amazing flora planted in the park such as hibiscus, bamboo and also palm trees. Several ponds are built in the park too, with lotus and fishes as well as free - roaming water birds including ducks and beautiful swans.

Apart from birds and floras, the Butterworth Bird Park acts as the habitat for a few species of deers and reptiles including the smallest deer in the world, Mousedeer and monitor lizards. On top of all that, visitors have the chance to experience bird feeding. The bird park is opened every day inclusive of public holidays and weekends with affordable entrance fees for malaysian, RM 18 for adults and RM10 for children ; and extrance fee for tourist is chargeable RM 29.00 for adult and RM 15.00 for child (below 12 years old). There is also a restaurant in the park itself Bird Park Restaurant. It serves delicious food with western style and definitely too, amazing local foods.

Spending a night or two in Butterworth would be a wiser choice as Butterworth has a lot to offer. Accommodation wise, it is quite on par with the hotels in Penang Island. Butterworth hotel that is near to the Butterworth Bird Park is Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya Penang. The prices offered of all hotels in Butterworth are reasonable and affordable.


Take the Rapid Penang bus numbered 709 from Penang Sentral (Butterworth Ferry Terminal) to the Butterworth Bird Park. You can also reach the bird park by taking the bus from Komtar. From Penang International Airport, you can take a taxi that will cost around RM70 to reach Butterworth. Renting a car and drive all the way across the Penang Bridge to the bird park would be a better idea.